Who could capture the energy of this city better in song, then a guy born and raised in New York and brought up right here in Little Italy. He is truly an Enigma and his name is Mike Rimbaud. If you know this city, you probably already know him, perhaps even intimately. He has played in all of NYC's hottest cafe's and clubs and has a loyal, if not cult-like following.   For those of you who may not have had the pleasure as of yet or perhaps just arrived to this great city...let me introduce you and let's go deep with Mike Rimbaud.
I can tell you that his tone is really sultry and sexy, and that applies to him speaking and singing. Add to that, the fact that he really writes from a deep place within, and you've just began to scratch the surface of this mysterious multi- talented artist.
SET:  Mike, you have an almost underground cult following here in the city. For those who aren't in the know already; how would you sum up your musical style and message?
MIKE:  I write rock 'n roll songs that will make you move, not only dance, but make you think. I'm constantly entertaining issues most songwriters would totally avoid.

SET:  (smiles) I love that about all of your stuff. And for those who may have missed it, you did an amazing job of exactly that,  in one of my personal faves...The Ballad of Anthony Weiner. It's just so spot on!! (See Video Below)

SET:  Where and when can we find you playing in NYC next and debuting songs from your new album "Put that Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke It"?
MIKE:  (smiles) Everyone should come out. It will be January 15 at the Bowery Electric, 327 Bowery at 8pm
SET:  I wouldn't miss it for the world! Can you tell everyone what inspired the name for your new album?
MIKE:  "Put that Dream in Your Pipe and Smoke It" can be interpreted in a couple of valid ways. (chuckles softly) One is saying, "Take that American Dream and shove it". The other interpretation, which is more literal, is to smoke or inhale your dream. Whether it's real or not. (pauses thoughtfully ) Don't give it up. However, (smiles) smoke eventually dissipates like a dream in the morning. So, I really like the ambiguity.
SET:  (laughing) Okay, so let's have some fun...What vocalist would you love to hear do a cover of a Mike Rimbaud original and which song would you pick for him or her to do?
MIKE:  (smiling) Great question.  How about Pharrell Williams doing "Friend" or Taylor Swift singing "Unicorn".
SET:  (chuckle) You never cease to amaze me. I gotta say fantastic picks and (pause)  way to change it up. (smile) Would love to see that!
SET:  Before I let you go..
What is the one thing you want everyone to know about your music?
MIKE:  My music will open your mind and touch your soul, if you let it in...
I hope to see you all out at Mikes next show on Jan 15, at The Bowery Electric and between you and I, his "poison" of choice is a nice IPA beer. So let's all send one his way.  Cheers Mike!!
Visit Mike's Website at: www.mikerimbaud.com
Buy "Put That Dream In Your Pipe and Smoke It" on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/put-that-dream-in-your-pipe/id915182422
*Photo credit: Veronique Krieger

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