Fifty Shades of Red Hot Over Fifty!

Remember the popular saying "Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful"?...

Remember the popular saying "Don't hate me because I'm Beautiful"?

Fifty Shades of Red hot Over Fifty Years Old Woman Sexy

Don't hate Maria Bach, because not only is she beautiful, at 51 years old, she's practically ageless! The infamous Maria Bach of yesterday, was the wife of rocker, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row. The Maria of today is single (yes single!) and has reinvented herself! She is a top fitness model and coach, television host, mother of three gorgeous children, a total sweetheart (I know firsthand) and she is soon to be an up and coming author of her new book, revealing all of her secrets to looking and feeling great, and how to over come just about anything! Let's ask the expert and see what it takes to be Fifty Shades Of Red Hot when you're over fifty!


How does she do it?

To find out how she does it, Maria and I decided to meet up for her interview somewhere as timeless as her beauty, The Four Seasons..."I ate crab cakes, while she watched! Note to self: Don't eat crab cakes for anti aging!"
SET: People say it's impossible to look like a playmate pet after 50! Well you showed them! What do you have to say about that, and tell us what you do to make it a reality, to be 50 shades of red hot and over 50?
MB: Lol wow, thanks! I really focus on my beauty, health, and fitness regime. All science shows it is possible!

It's what we put into our bodies and minds that is half the battle.

Obviously, the other half being exercise. I go to the gym and diet...meaning I eat well. I also take care of my skin.

Lots of coconut oil, inside and out! I eat all organic foods, take my vitamins, and most of all, get my beauty sleep.

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Keeping It Simple Keeps You Sexy

SET: You make it sound so simple. I love that! So tell us, what are your top 5 tips to looking and feeling great, inside and out?

MB: Stay out of the sun and use an SPF. So, I guess my baby oil sun tanning trick is a big no-no! Moisturize and exfoliate your skin. Great products from Ahava and more coconut oil (Laughs)[Click here for free samples of Ahava products!!]. Get plenty of sleep. Be mindful of your daily diet and exercise. Most importantly, surround yourself with positive influences and people!

That last one couldn't be more true! No negative energy here!

SET: What activities make you feel sexiest? Where are your favorite places to go, to paint the town red hot in NYC?

MB: I feel sexy when I play volleyball on the beach in my bikini in the summer, or take a run in my bare feet on the sand. Also, I love it when I'm working out, lifting weights, and especially when I'm dancing. Dancing at the Avenue is very hot! If you don't find me there, I will be at Catch , PHD or Boom Boom Room - painting the town red sizzling hot!

I feel hot when I see David Duchovny at my gym... Does that count too?

Think Sexy To Be Sexy

SET: What is one thing that every woman could start doing today to improve their self image?

MB: Make a mental picture of yourself reaching your goal and keep it in your mind! You need to set your goal. Once you do that, hard work and perseverance will equal success!

Maria's Diet For A Day

Maria : My diet for a day may consist of
Breakfast : Eggs and Oatmeal or rice toast , fruit or juice
Lunch: Chicken, rice pasta or mung bean pasta ,vegetables and fruits
Dinner : Bison chilli, tossed salad

SET: So, I know you make food at home a lot with that incredible diet of yours, but Set In The City ladies love to eat out too. What are your favorite hot spots in NYC?


Some of my favorites would definitely be Catch, The Old Homestead, STK or Gramercy Tavern. They are all so great. It's really hard to choose just one!

Fifty Shades of Fantasy And Reality

IMG_0285SET: What would your 50 Shades of Grey fantasy date be, here in NYC?

MB: I'm a little old fashioned sometimes (blushing). My fantasy date would be to go for a horse and carriage ride through Central Park, then off to dinner at Masa in the Time Warner Center. Ending with a night of great conversation and lots of dancing at the Boom Boom Room.

Guys, she said Boom Boom Room... Not some boom boom!

No One Is Worth More Than You

SET: What one piece of advice would you give anyone who wants to feel hot as hell after 50?

MB: I would say ,You can do anything you want to do in life. Age is only a concept. Take care of yourself, you mean everything and you are worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Set In The City would love to thank Maria Bach for coming in and sharing all of her amazing tips and secrets. For more on Maria you can follow her on Twitter @mariabach.

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You can live the dream, just like the beautiful Maria Bach!

Fifty Shades of Red hot Over Fifty Years Old Woman Sexy

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