Back Stage Pass With SYKA

I love Rock N Roll! Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative,...

I love Rock N Roll! Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Glam Rock...I don't care what kind of Rock. Just bring it! There was a time when insane guitar riffs, hot pounding drums and intense wild ranged vocals ruled.

This was called Talent!  


What Happened to Rock?

It almost seems like a distant memory, if you listen to the vast majority of radio stations or watch the pop culture in our area, it's kinda sad, it's vanished. I often bitched out loud  ....when will the kids take an interest in some real music again and bring back Rock N Roll?

God must like rock too! He heard me, because in came Syka! Syka, is today's Rock N Roll , known for their  sexy hypnotizing live performances, conceptually rock n roll driven music, & dark glam rock style, they're showing the world what it means to Stay Wild. Which by the way is the title track and name of their latest album.

I get a lot of bands who send me stuff to listen to because everyone knows I'm a big music freak; but when I received Syka's  latest album Stay Wild via Twitter. I was instantly done! So I went to see them live. Each song was better then the next, drums- stellar, guitars - so intense, bass- insane, vocals- hot as hell, stage presence - off the charts. The music was hot and so was the band! Talk about... "Eye Candy"! They looked great and sounded unreal live. It was totally a kick ass show!


Rock is Back!

So here's what happened when I asked the band a quick Q&A...


Syka band members. Gino Martine- Bass, Kareem-second Guitar (middle), Gregg Sgar- lead Guitar

SET: Finally!!! You guys are one of the first bands that I have seen since the 80s -90's who captures the true hot energy and sound of rock, metal, and glam; an almost lost musical sound & art.

Where did all of my Rock n Roll go? All radio stations here play pop til I literally want to puke, and really just "suce la merde"! Please pardon my French...but It's true!!!😈

SET:  Seriously though, what inspired you to go in this direction, while hundreds of bands and artists sell out to vanilla generic radio pop?
Jesyka: We really wanted to make the type of record that we wanted to listen to. We didn’t exactly choose what we wanted to be: it chose us.



Syka ban members. Jesyka - Vocals and Gino Martine- Bass

SET:  Understood! Not saying that all pops bad, I'll get a fix of Rhianna, Madonna or GaGa when I'm in the mood too, but they are kinda the more bad ass chicks of pop; aside from them and a few others ,it seems no one has the balls or knowledge how to sing or play an instrument anymore. 
Jesyka:  Yes (smiles) Though it’s sometimes quite frustrating to live in this world of music, it’s also what drives our passion to create a new reality.
SET:  ( laughing) Well Thank God you did!  If you could only pick one band or artist as your inspiration who would it be?
Gregg:  Ozzy, for sure. Ozzy has been a major influence because, from my perspective, his songs speak his truth.


Jesyka - Vocals

SET:  What inspires your look and sound?

Jesyka: Our look is inspired by the way we feel on stage. Specific fashion pieces bring out certain emotions and performances from us— which is why our fashion is vital.

" Well, it's working girl....SYKA is smoking HOT on stage. Definitely a visual triple X of Rock!"

Our sound is inspired by our lifestyle. Personally, day to day, I’m consistently & persistently on a mission to discover a new feeling, magical moment, a new truth… livin’ on the edge.

SET:  I love that! So, I'm sure all your fans will want to know-  what are your favorite clubs and pubs in NYC?
Gregg:  Webster Hall, Gramercy Theater, Blackthorn 51. Also Split Level in Brooklyn is one of our fav local hangs.
SET: Who would be your dream band(s) to play with?
Gregg:  Ozzy, Metallica, Van Halen.

"Yes, Yes, Yes - would love to see you play with any of them. Can somebody read this $#-t now and take SYKA on tour with you!!!"



(left to right) Jesyka - Vocals, Steve Richards - Drums, Gregg Sgar- lead Guitar

SET: What is each band members guilty pleasure?
Gregg: Right now? Bubble Tea 😉
Jesyka- Obsessing over surfboards
Gino- Fefe Dobson
Steve- Netflix & Ice Cream

"Move Over Red Bull - The New Food & Drink of Rock Stars Is Bubble Tea and Ice  Cream! Who would have ever thought?!"


 SET:  I'm sure all the guys will kill me if I don't ask this, so… Are you single? And what kind of guys do you like?
Jesyka:  Heh ( laughing) That’s for me to know, and you to never find out!

"Sorry Guys, I really Tried to get it out of her!"



Jesyka - Vocals, Gregg Sgar- lead Guitar, Gino Martine- Bass, Steve Richards - Drums, Produced by Kareem 'Jesus' Devlin

SET:  What do you want everyone to know about Syka? 
Jesyka: (winks) If you think you know all about us, you probably don’t know all about us...!


Jesyka - Vocals

SET: What is one word or phrase that describes you all as a band?
Jesyka:  Stay Wild!

Come Party with SYKA and SET!

Thanks so much to Syka for having me, and the sexy Maria Bach at their kick ass show. If you wanna see some Real Rock- join us next time!

We'll be back at Webster Hall November 15, to party with Syka again!

Maria Bach link text">Fifty Shades of Red Hot over Fifty

Maria Bach from Fifty Shades of Red Hot over Fifty and Gino


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