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  Single Mother With Children Spending Christmas In A Homeless...


Single Mother With Children Spending Christmas In A Homeless Shelter

A young mom (my dear friend) & her two children will spend Christmas in a shelter this year, without your and my help.


Ana and her 11 yr old daughter Gabbyana, and 17 yr old son Dante have been struggling and living in a homeless shelter since September.

My friend Ana is always an inspiration, and on my Facebook page wearing a smile every day and setting the best example possible for her kids, by giving thanks, even in a situation, where most would only complain. She posts positive messages to inspire others, revealing nothing about her personal struggle.
She paid her way through school to become a licensed Optician in NYC, to try and create a better life for herself & her children, only to be evicted from her "reasonably" priced apartment, so her landlord could drastically raise rents. Since then, she and her children share a tiny 1 BR with bunk beds, without direct access to a private bathroom or kitchen.


If that was not stressful enough, she and her kids also had to temporarily give up their family pet. The shelter, being far from the children's schools and her work, has only added to the enormous amount of stress and heartache for all of them.


Even through all of this... The first thing she said to me was:  "Susan, it's not just me, there are so many other families here, just like me, who need help. I make ok money and so do some I've met, yet, I can't even afford to put a roof over my children's heads."

Will you be an angel and help this family?

Please Help Me To Give Ana, Gabbyana and Dante- A Christmas Miracle!

I have never done anything like this, but I can only pray it will work, because I can't wait to be able to tell her - it did work, and see her tears of joy, and not suffering. Please help if you are able!!!

Please GoFundMe

If you click the link below, you will have the opportunity to donate. Any amount, no matter how big or small, would be greatly appreciated. If nothing else - please just share their story on your Facebook page, every little bit helps more than you can imagine! 
Thank you for caring and sharing!

To donate and help make a Christmas Miracle possible for Ana and her Children, please click here.


We all need to remember that people could be struggling and suffering and just afraid to tell you... So please remember to pay attention to the needs of others and don't be afraid to ask them if they need your help! Thank you for sharing your time and reading this.



Lots of love and joy for this holiday season wishes you,

Susan from Set in the City and Ana at Hillsong Church in Gramercy Park.


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