Sonja Morgan – She’s Not RHONY, She’s Real!

"There is something awe inspiring about women who are successful...

"There is something awe inspiring about women who are successful in the face of great times and the not so great ones.  Yet, seemingly fearless at all times. This is my interview with the iconic NYC entrepreneur, mother and beautifully stunning socialite, Sonja Morgan."

She needs no introduction, so I'll only recap some highlights. Let's start with RHONY , Real Housewives of New York star, entrepreneur,  fashion aficionado, event planner , entertainer (on so many levels), and honestly, the list goes on..... So, lets start with Sonja Morgan New York and end with some really super Sonja advice!

Sonja Morgan New York Fashion and Jewelry

SET:  You are heading up so many exciting projects, that I don't even know where to begin, so I'll start with your fashion and jewelry line, especially since Image really is everything in business! I am a huge fashion freak and fan of everything St. John, Chanel, Ferragamo, DVF and the list goes on....

Sheer Top. Cat Walk

Sheer Top. Cat Walk

I affectionately say "Fashion, accessories, and perhaps a stiff... Drink, are a girls real best friend". So I'm really excited to be able to share a look at your new collections, so more women can be "in the know" and know how you are rocking the fashion world.....
What inspired you to create your fashion and jewelry line?  And who are some of your favorite designers?


SM: (Smiles) Well you mentioned a few of my favorite designers!

We did a marketing study on who visits my website and found that the USA visits the Chanel Website, as well as mine, and England visits Valentino.  The top site visited next to mine in the United Arab Emirates is Chanel and Ralph Lauren.  Its safe to say I am influenced by these designers since I have been wearing them for decades and studied them at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I admire their sensibility and functionality in style, yet their style also has a powerful sexy edge that gives a woman the confidence to go there. I also buy them for their quality, fabric and fit. Of course,details as well, including timeless signature trims. All of the quality ingredients which you will find in my personal lines as well.

Sonja Morgan Collection

Sonja Morgan Collection

Why do I suddenly feel compelled to burn a hole in my LV wallet and shop?!

SET:  Seriously, what is the most important thing you want women to feel when they wear anything from your collection? Note to Sonja .... I just wanna feel rich and skinny!


SM:  (enthusiastically) Well, I guess what I have just mentioned really ... I live to empower women in everything I do, whether I am promoting them with a Sonja In The City production, or brokering a deal for them.  I now want to carry that through with my Sonja Morgan New York Fashion and Jewelry. Its more then fashion, its a lifestyle brand! 

SET:  Is there anything  in your day to day life that  helped influence the types of designs you chose for your clothing or jewelry line?


SM:  Wow, you are reading my mind. Well like I said my brand is a international fashion lifestyle brand,  so I am using my decades of lifestyle experience around the world and injecting it into my thought process when choosing my design direction, my fabrics, and trims.  I want everything to be easily thrown in a suitcase and travel the world with no problems, making coordinating them in any climate simple.  Also,  I consider it a heritage brand which means it's sewn (fashion), and set (jewelry) to last.

"Ladies, you can start to feel empowered right now ~ start shopping with Sonja for instant gratification! Tell your husbands how much her site increases your libido. I'm sure they'll gladly let you indulge. It's called Smart Shopping!"


Sonja In The City!

SET: When I heard your podcast was called Sonja In the City, I couldn't wait to feature it on Set In The City! For anyone who doesn't watch much TV; I would tell them to listen to your podcasts immediately! You and your guests really are wildly funny, and podcasts are so great for people like me who are on the go with work all the time. Why podcasts?


SM: Like everyone one else,  I have a very busy life, but when the opportunity came, I took it, it is a new experience for me and another way to connect with my followers. Its unedited, so it’s different from the more cartoon representation of Sonja on Bravo.  That’s fun as well, but this is different. It’s really spontaneous and behind the scenes. One can download it and take it on the bus or jogging or wherever. They even have a podcast app for your phone. 


Podcast CBS: 

SET:  What can you share with everyone about your podcasts? What can they expect to learn in some upcoming episodes and why should they tune in?


SM:  I will continue to talk about my travels and who I work with on #TeamSonja and my fashion team. I absolutely love to have my psychics and astrologers on. I'm fascinated with this subject for decades, and study the topic myself.  I find it inspirational and eye opening. I enjoy having celebrity stylists on who I've known forever. I also plan to have designers whom I have known since school.  We have some pretty funny stories among the team. You really have to tune in and see!

Sonja Morgan. Bella on Demand Tutti Del Monte.

Sonja Morgan. Bella on Demand Tutti Del Monte.

Keeping It Real Estate

SET:  Next is my favorite topic "Real Estate" -being a Top Real Estate Agent with Douglas Elliman, I  have already seen the inside of your luxurious townhouse, stunning! Now, let's give everyone else a peek. Give us the scoop! Is it for sale, and when is the next open house to speak?


SM:  Well, ( she laughs ) It’s not for sale, so the next open house will be on The Real Housewives of NYC.  That's where you really will get to see it and how I live.  I know the rumors from Ramona saying I was losing my house to the bank really spread,  but their was no bank.  So, I have no idea how she gets that.  She can be funny. There was also a rumor I was renting down the street from my house and renting my townhouse.  Also not true!  Television and the girls in general can be very dramatic. ( smiles) I mean where else would I put my beloved four poster bed and my four legged bathtub.( chuckles)  Here is a link to a CNN tour with LJ Hammer.

Real Housewives Reality Check

SET:  I am sure by now there is only one thing on some people's minds, and that is “The Real Housewives"! What is the best thing you could tell us about your experience on the RHONY? And... to those who are wanting to be a reality star; what would be one piece of advice that you would tell them?

W models

Sonja Morgan with Models.

SM:  Being on The Real Housewives of New York City has helped me become independent again after my divorce, support my daughter and continue to highlight my charities. Being an ex model, actress, and quite the comedian; it allows me to express my self on a whole new level! I love to entertain people, and make them feel better about themselves. This medium allows me to do that in my self deprecating way. That's why my sing song skits I write and perform are so fun.  I call them “Caburlesque”.   My best advice is if you decide to do it be yourself and tell the truth! Don’t create drama based on lies to try to stay relevant.

It would be my dream to have a one on one lesson with Sonja and try her "Caburlesque"! Please Sonja!

SET:  Since you are a strong woman and we are on the topic of advice ..what is the one thing that you would tell women never to do when trying to catch that special guy?


SM:  ( pauses thoughtfully ) Once again be yourself.  What makes a guy special is that he is the right fit for you.  You cannot find your best friend in marriage, if you try to fool him with someone he will soon find out you are not.


Food and Fun in NYC

SET:  I am a 5-Star Foodie, and as everyone knows from my interview with Todd English -  I don't cook!!! New Yorkers definitely wanna know,  and so do I...What are your favorite restaurants in NYC? 

Sonja Morgan with dog

"Sonja Cipriani Morgan"

SM:  (laughs) Well, everyone knows my middle name is Cipriani, but that may be a bit fancy or social for some. I also enjoy enjoy Petrossian for special occasions. For good Italian casual food I like Brio.  Serendipity is always fun, especially for the family but you must reserve as with all good and popular restaurants.

SET:  Some fun facts for everyone ....I know you love Astrology and so do I. I'm a Capricorn with a Taurus Rising and a Virgo moon, I'm almost tooooo down to earth. I find myself always helping everyone and I'm pooped? Lol! What is your sign and how do you use astrology in your work and single life?

SM:  I find astrology uplifting,  because if you watch a YouTube video from your favorite astrologer, it may open your mind, or present solutions, whether you believe or not.  I enjoy  She has great birth chart calculated. I’m hard core. I live Vedic which can be a kick in the pants.   I’m a Sagittarius, with Gemini Rising and Pisces moon.   "God,  I love her - no wonder you're so much fun!" My moon also makes me quite a philanthropic bleeding heart as well,  so I know how you feel. Remember the rising and moon are more important then the sun signs. 

On-wards And Up-wards

SET:  Lastly, what is your motto?

Sonja Morgan. A strong woman, who knows what she wants.

Sonja Morgan. A strong woman, who knows what she wants.

SM:  Keep dreaming, work hard, find your talent and never look back. Or…my insignia ring says “Onwards and Upwards”.  I wear it everyday.

I can't thank Sonja enough for coming on Set In The City.  She is so real, driven and inspirational. I love your motto Sonja, and hope everyone will take it to heart!


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