Winning With TeamSalamone

One In A Million Chance! "Winning" was an understatement last...

One In A Million Chance!


Best design of a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) owned by TeamSalamone. (Image: Tolga Cetin)

"Winning" was an understatement last weekend, for two young teens who won an unbelievable contest for best design of a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) belonging to TeamSalamone. The teens answered a post for the contest asking for "wrap designs" on TeamSalamones Instagram and were competing against top veteran car designers as well as other hopeful amateurs. I was lucky enough to be invited by TeamSalamone to be present at the spectacular unveiling of the car with its winning design. I also got to meet, and hang out with TeamSalamone and the two adorable young designers themselves.


The Dream Team - Nick Szlavik & Anthony DiGiovanni

Nick Szlavik & Anthony DiGiovanni. The two teens beat several pro's in the industry, in a contest to design a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) belonging to Team Salomone.

Nick Szlavik & Anthony DiGiovanni. The two teens beat several pro's in the industry, in a contest to design a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) belonging to TeamSalamone. (Image:Tolga Cetin)

SET:  First off, I heard you guys beat out several pro's in the industry and zillions of aspiring amateurs. Congratulations! That's really inspiring! So, how old are you both; and did you think you really had a shot at winning?

NS: I am Fourteen and going into Ninth grade.

AD: I am eighteen and will be going into college.  

"Young, Ambitious and Adorable... Where is Jimmy Fallon when we need him??? He needs to interview these two!"

N&A: We were told there were over 120 professionals and countless random people, who we were competing against.  ( Chuckling) We also entered about a week late, so we assumed that another design was already picked.

SET:  Wow, that's crazy that you still made it in, and amazing that you beat out so many entries. How exciting is it today to meet TeamSalamone and finally get to see the finished product of all your hard work! Just the sound of that powerful engine makes my heart pound faster!


Best design of a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) owned by TeamSalamone. (Image: Tolga Cetin)

N&A:  Meeting everyone from TeamSalamone was really great. Once we knew we had won, we talked to them everyday over the phone. They were so awesome and made us feel really comfortable. So, by the time we met them, we felt like we already knew them. They are great people. To see the finished product today is the best part. We stared at a computer screen for almost 50 hours and to finally see it here, finished, is the best feeling. It's every car enthusiasts dream!

SET:  I agree! Everyone here at TeamSalamone has been amazing, warm, friendly and pretty darn sexy too! They really know how to roll out the red carpet for an event.

I feel like I'm getting the best exotic race car tutorial a girl could ever ask for!

SET:  I'm so impressed with all of your imagination and creativity. You guys really have blown me away, being so young and "driven". How did you come up with your design ideas?


Best design of a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador Super Veloce (SV) owned by TeamSalamone. (Image: Tolga Cetin)

N&A:  We knew that TeamSalamone liked some pretty crazy stuff. So, first we wanted to make sure that when people  saw the car, they would know it was one of theirs. Our idea was to make it look like a majestic bird.

SET: I love that!  Well, you guys did a killer job. Any awards so far?

N&A:  We won an award for Best Looking Car / Craziest Design at the car show, at Super Cars. The car also won Best Looking Car out of literally thousands of cars at the Dream Ride Expo in Farmington, CT!

SET: Congratulations!  I have a sneaking suspicion that I may already know the answer to this question....what do you do in your free time?   

NS:  If we aren't at a car show together or a car dealership, then we are usually driving around and tearing up back roads… ( laughs) or I'm at hockey.

SET:  I kind of figured that might be what you guys would say! What's next? Any other projects planned for the future?

AD: (sly smile) We are working on some projects now, but can't give away the details at this time.

N&A:  You can follow us on Instagram @nickszlavikexotics and @nintondo_san

Don't Be Fooled By The Flash

More on TeamSalamone: Besides having owned, showcased  and raced some of the worlds finest exotic cars. TeamSalamone is not just about the glitz and glamour. I can attest to that, as they were probably some of the most down to earth, dressed up people, whom I had ever met. They were super sweet and made everyone feel right at home.

So, your judgements for someone whose actually listening!  

TeamSalamone gives back and makes sure to pay it forward when it comes to charity. This team shines bright for a good cause. Follow them for more information and charitable events you can follow TeamSalamone here.

I would like to give my whole hearted thanks to TeamSalamone and our fantastic two young designers Nick and Anthony. For making my first exotic car experience unforgettable! 

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