The $43 Million Dollar Mecca in Tribeca

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling, and...

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling, and some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies..."

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Just in case you missed it, yes, that quote is from Sex and The City by Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself. I felt like her today, because I am one of those people that searches for those very butterflies. I fell in love today with this dream home, the escape that makes you feel NOT as if you are settling, but as if you have been SET free. Welcome to 3 Hubert Street, a family home built like a boutique hotel connected to the most luxurious, white glove condo tower in Tribeca...


A 7,200 square Foot Dream Home For Sale

Although you might mistake it for a high-end resort, 3 Hubert Street is actually the home of Alan and Karin Wilzig, and now this 7,200 square foot house is for sale and destined to change the lives of it's future inhabitants. With tremendous, tantalizing outdoor space and intense style, reminiscent of a scene from a hot James Bond movie, 3 Hubert St. has 6 stunning bedrooms and 5.5 baths equipped with every finer amenity imaginable.

It could only be described as the place in the city that every girl dreams of arriving home to one day.

This undiscovered architectural gem is nestled on a quiet little cobblestone street in famous Tribeca. It is an enchanting, sleek, resort get-a-way home that easily rivals a first-class, 5-star vacation somewhere far removed from the city. A beguiling fantasy retreat in the midst of Manhattan.

The neighborhood was recently ranked by Forbes as one of America's most expensive zip codes and one of Manhattan's most charming neighborhoods.

So, this is the inside scoop on the #1 Listing in the #1 City on Earth. Alan Wilzig himself sat down to talk with Me! Let's find out more about what inspires the theme of this place, what's the down low on this fabulous neighborhood, and why Alan would even consider leaving this Tribeca mecca behind!

A Creation of Passion, Artistry, and Love.

Alan-Wilzig-3-hubert-Street-New-York-For-Sale-TribecaAlan calls it a creation of passion, artistry and love. I can see why... From the moment I walk in, the warmth and energy from this amazing family is just as prevalent as all of it's breathtaking finishes. This vibe only lends to the earthy, comfortable quality that makes this home all the more alluring and inviting. So I asked him to reveal a few more of his secrets as to what makes his home and neighborhood so special... His kindness and laid back attitude made it fun and easy.

SET: I am absolutely in love with your home! It is so striking and simply beautiful. How would you describe the theme?

AW: Thank you. (smiles) I would say "It's a Boutique Hotel built for a family." You have more than enough space so that everyone can have their privacy if they want to; my children can be out playing on the roof deck, my wife can be working in her design studio on her jewelry at Bisjoux, and I can be hanging out with friends in the man cave and no one is disturbing one another. You can have all of the luxuries and conveniences of a full service, white glove condominium with The Hubert, which I am literally connected to through my lower level. So, you really have every element of a single family home and a condominium all in one.

A Funny Little Story from the Boutique Hotel Built for A Family...

The doorbell rang. Alan Wilzig opens the door to his home at 3 Hubert Street to a UPS man.

The man suddenly barges in and rushes right past Alan into the house. He looks confused, as if he is trying to locate something.
Then suddenly looks back at Alan, turns bright red and exclaims:

"Holy Sh@#! I'm so sorry! Is this your house?"

Alan: (laughing) "As a matter of fact it is."

UPS Man: "I'm so sorry! I would never walk into someones home like that. I thought it was some trendy little boutique hotel. I was looking for the concierge desk!"

3 Hubert Street is truly a home for someone who wants that escape, a resort-like feeling every time they walk into the door of their home. If your UPS man is mistaking you for a bellman, you are probably doing something right!

The Dish on Tribeca

In the Summer of 2012 Chef Cardoz won Season Three of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters. Chef Cardoz was also named among the Top 50 Most Influential Global Indians by GQ Magazine.

In the Summer of 2012 Chef Cardoz won Season Three of Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

Before I settle my mind on living anywhere, I need to know the "Dish" (That is, where I can find the most fabulous food within blocks of my home.) What's luxury living without luxury eats?
SET: Tell us some of your favorite restaurants and bars in your neighborhood...
AW: (hmmm) White Street Restaurant is really red hot and just opened this past year with Chef Floyd Cardoz, so that's one great one. Another one that will be opening in 3 weeks, which I'm an investor in and I'm sure you will know it, is Almond, and it will be opening on Franklin Street. It's actually on the site of my other restaurant Kutsher's Tribeca, which is now doing corporate delivery and serves traditional Jewish foods at an elevated level. Once Almond opens we will also start doing individual delivery from Kutsher's again as well. There's also some really fun dive bars that have some serious history here like Puffy's Tavern and Walkers, which are really like Tribeca Institutions, and then there is a new one that's always packed and full of energy called Smith & Mills. Also, if you want something a little different, there is a really cute, fun lounge, called the Bubble Lounge, which is a nice little Champagne Bar.

SET: Well, now that I know where a girl can get some good bubbly in your neighborhood; what's another interesting fact you can share with us?


The most interesting thing about the neighborhood is the fact that it has the lowest density of people per square block in all of Manhattan. It redefines the sense of a "village", even more so than Greenwich Village proper.

AW: Certainly the cobblestones and other elements really add to that charm. There is also something really cool for kids that is kind of hidden: it is like a big slide built into a rocky terrace area, located in Teardrop Park. It's very cool. It's great because we have a lot of double wide strollers around here in the

Land of the Hot Moms.

Wait...Land of the Hot Moms?! For those of you who didn't know this intriguing and somewhat (nauseating) fact: Tribeca is known for, and loaded with the world's hottest, skinniest moms. UGHHHH! Where else are you guaranteed to see women built like Kate Moss sipping their Lavazzas and pushing around baby strollers? Land of the Hot Moms is right! Alan's wife, Karin fits right in; she's absolutely stunning. She's a blonde Belgian beauty! Check out Karin's gorgeous jewelry website and read all about her artistry [here]. Okay, okay I'll stop rubbing it in. We know you want their life! I do!

Home is Where Your Man Cave Is...

AW: One thing you will notice in Manhattan is you never see anything on racing, car racing or motorcycle racing, which are my dual passions. So, I took what was originally contemplated by The Hubert developer as the maids quarters and annexed it to the garage. I created what is now known as the "Man Cave". (smile) So, certain things that are special to me are in there. I can look in the glass-on-glass trophy case, where I can reflect on three years of Pro American Le Mans Car racing, which has been a great adventure of mine. So, whether it's that or playing in my simulator - I have a three screen surround racing simulator built to the exact specifications of the cock pit of my race car. It has been great fun. I've had a half a dozen of the world's most famous racers in America in here when they are visiting NY and we have played in the garage. That's always cool to see the guys I have admired for ten years and watched on television play. I get to sit over their shoulder and watch them... They all say the same thing: (chuckles) "Haven't done this in NYC before!"

SET: Wow, suddenly I have an urge to be one of the boys!

Click Here to read more about Alan Wilzig's racing career and Check out Alan's Racing Manor on Epic Backyards Here.


SET: What was next? Where does someone go when they decide they want to leave their $43 Million dollar home and the best city in the world?
Shouldn't I have known this story would have nothing less than the perfect fairy tale ending?

Alan-Wilzig-3-hubert-Street-New-York-For-Sale-Tribeca AW: As cool as this place is and as wonderfully pleasing as it's been for the last ten years to live here, (smiles) I spent literally seven and a half years developing a 274-acre estate near Hudson, NY, right off the Taghkanic Parkway. It has the country's only professional spec, privately owned, personal use grand prix racing circuit on the property. So, I'm literally the only guy in America, (chuckles) who can go 125 miles per hour in his race car or knee down on a racing motor cycle, then jump on one of our Polaris razor buggies and cruise over in less than ten minutes to the house and jump in the swimming pool with my wife and kids. And, the racetrack is literally, invisible unless you actually go over to use it. Most importantly, for my children, it's like their own Disney Land. We renovated a beautiful 1864 Farm House and it has a 15-acre lake, and ponds and streams. I have amazing 40-foot waterfalls and there is an island right in the middle of the lake, so it truly does feel like your own paradise.

I would like to thank Alan and Karin for their gracious, warm hospitality. They and their home are so strikingly beautiful, inside and out.

If you are looking for a home that only dreams are made of, please contact me for your private showing of this exquisite property today at:
C. 561-843-3777

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