Here I Come – Constantine Maroulis

It seems like yesterday when American Idol was all the...

It seems like yesterday when American Idol was all the rage, and literally the hottest thing on television. Nothing could have been more exciting than screaming, cheering, or drooling (in my case) for your favorite singer; mine was Constantine Maroulis.

Fast forward to today, and apparently the Stars have aligned for me, as I sit in the lounge of the Red Room Studios for a Top Secret project with the sexy singer and performer himself.

Constantine Maroulis: Rock OF Ages Band.

Constantine Maroulis: Rock OF Ages Band.

Just in case you are not a music or Broadway fanatic like myself, let me fill you in....Constantine is best known as a top American Idol finalist, with pipes and looks so intense they could take down a building! He is a Broadway phenomenon, played Drew in Rock of Ages, where he earned a Tony nomination and was named "" Star of the Year for his performance. He starred and appeared in several other amazing Broadway and Theater productions such as Sammy in The Wedding Singer, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Rent, Jesus Christ Superstar, and as the title characters in the 2013 production of Jekyll & Hyde.

If that's not enough for you...don't worry, it's not enough for him either! He's back and ready to Rock your world!  So, as I get ready for his arrival- (I think I'm well prepared)- I've drank 2 Red Bulls back to back, I'm flush like a school girl, and I may just bounce out of the studio from all the caffeine and excitement. (Deep breath) I'm going to try my hardest to calm down, pry out of him some stuff about his "Top Secret" project, get a live first hand listen to his new, sexy Rock n Roll song, and maybe even get some juicy news on what he's been up to when he's chillin here in NYC.


He Arrives

Constantine Maroulis

Constantine Maroulis


CM: What's happening? (Big Warm Smile)

SET: "Hi!" (smiling)

Girls, don't hate me, but he's even cuter in person! Focus!... 

(Talking to the camera man about Constantine) "He was my favorite person on American Idol, and I had such a crush on him, which he didn't know until just now. (Laughing) Then he was also on my favorite Broadway show ever, Rock of Ages, which I have literally seen like five times; and you were so amazing."

CM: "Thank you (blushing) It was such a fun show to be a part of. It's every actors dream to be a part of a great show. You know, from the very beginning to be able to build it organically from the bottom up, with a great ensemble of actors, and then to see it become such a big hit. It's just awesome!"

SET: "I agree, that is totally amazing! And now by some miracle of God, I'm lucky enough to be sitting here with Constantine, one of my favorite stars in his birthplace of Brooklyn, at the Red Room Studios."


Home Sweet Home

CM: "That's Right! The Red Room Studios, this place is amazing. Really, one block away from my grandparents old restaurant, that my mother and her brother and sisters worked in (thoughtful pause) This neighborhood has really come along way...and this is an incredible studio! I love to come here. I've been kinda helping them out on the creative team. As you know, they have awesome clients in here and do great events. As a matter of fact we are working on a top-secret project tonight. Can't tell too much about it. But we're really excited about it!"

SET: "I know! I saw something about that on your Facebook page. I'm dying to know! I'm going to try and pry it out of you by the end!!

Forget the Red Bull, I'm going to need some Vino fast, if I'm going to get him talking!"

CM: "That's the point! We want you to die, to know! (Laughing) No really, this has been a super exciting time right now. With the last season of American Idol. And we have this new music coming out. So, I'm glad we could catch up."

Yes, it's great catching up, if I don't faint first!...

SET: "Me too! So, I got to hear your new song, "Here I Come" and it's awesome! That's a pretty edgy, sexy song! Where did the inspiration for that come from?"

Constantine Maroulis. New Song, "Here I Come".

Constantine Maroulis. New Song, "Here I Come".

CM: "Well, (slyly smiles) I think a lot of life experience. (Takes a deep breath) You know, it's been an incredible ride since the country has gotten to know me, these last 10 or 12 years. From being on television with a huge show like American Idol, my presence on Broadway and what not , and then now with 'Here I Come' ... It's kinda like a 'How ya doing'? To tell everyone- I'm back in the scene! (chuckles) You know, it's just a fun rock 'n' roll, sexy, friendly song. To make sure everyone knows that we're back,  and we're ready to party and Rock 'n' Roll! It's really an upbeat, funky, sexy, kinda dance song...with a big Rock 'n' Roll chorus. So we are having a lot of fun with that. Fans have been loving it, the buzz has been great!"

SET: "Well, it's really awesome! I'm a big Rock 'n' Roll chick, and I love to dance, so I really dig all your stuff. But that doesn't mean you are going to get off that easy...because I noticed you mentioned a secret here at the Red Room tonight on your Facebook page, could you give us a little clue?"


Top Secret

CM: (smiles big) Well, all I can say is I think it's an exciting time for Rock 'n' Roll. I think there's some great bands out there that paved the way for guys like me. And I think you will start seeing a lot of great bands come back. You're going to see an exciting turn in Rock 'n' Roll. Especially with bands like Guns and Roses going out this summer, there's just such an excitement now, you know?  We are all still really young and we love seeing bands like that.

SET: "I love bands like that, and I couldn't agree more, that so many of us are looking for Rock 'n' Roll to make a comeback!

Hmmmmm , so I'm guessing this secret involves Constantine and a little Rock 'n' Roll. Very interesting!"

CM:  "Yes, you know, it would be really cool to get this new music out further. You know, maybe work with some of those bands and stuff like that (winks). For tonight we're just...doing our job. (Smiles) We're working here tonight and really excited about what we are getting in to."

SET: "Well that's cool, but I can't give up that easy, so tell me another secret, how about your favorite secret hang out here in New York – where do you like to go?"

CM: "There is a bar on 10th Ave- although I'm not much of a bar guy- but I've come to call it a second home. It's called 'The Waylon' and it's actually kind of a Country Western bar."

SET: (out loud) "Really?" (silently- note to self) I didn't figure him to listen to country, but he could definitely rock a cowboy hat! 😝


Is there anyone besides me that wants to see Constantine do a line dance or ride the Bull?? Holla!!

SET: "How about one secret about you that would surprise everybody, something that people might not know?"

CM: "I spend a lot of time with my mom. We've watched probably 100 Yankee games together a year."

SET: "That's so cute. Your mom like sports?"

CM: (Big Smile) "Oh yeah, she grew up loving the New York Yankees, and it's a big part of our family dynamic. She's like 80 years old now. I love going over there with my daughter,  and I spend a lot of time with her. I don't know if that's much of a secret , but yes, I'm pretty much a mama's boy!"

SET: "Awww, that's really sweet!" (pause) "Can you tell everyone what your motto is?"

CM: "For me, 'just do the work and everything else will fall into place!' I grew up as an actor, so I've always had that sort of mentality. I love sports, athletics and being competitive, but you can't control all of the little things, how people become famous and known, and what not. You just really have to practice, and most importantly, 'Do the Work' "!


Constantine Unplugged

SET: "I love that - Cute, sweet and old fashioned! What more could you ask for? I know ... One more thing- can you sing me a line from one of your favorite songs or how about something from your new song?"


Listen to Constantine singing live here and see clips from the rest of our interview:

I would like to thank Constantine for being soooo fun, awesome and especially (Easy on the Eyes)! And of course, also thank the Guys at the super hip Red Room Studios ! And make sure you check out Constantine's new song "Here I Come " on iTunes and come join me at his next gig. Follow him here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram .





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