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  "Oh please, there is always a competition between you...


"Oh please, there is always a competition between you and an ex, it's called -Who'll die Miserable !"

That was an unforgettable iconic quote from the Ultimate single persons show from back in the day, Sex And The City, which was an outrageous ongoing chic flick series that embodied life for us, single girls, here in NYC, and secretly we all knew the guys couldn't resist watching it either! Fast forward to today and I was lucky enough to meet the lovely, talented Karolina Sivas. The creator and star of the award-winning web series Broken At Love. A SATC style, real time comedy drama of today.

LA-humor meets NY, baby ! I love this show!



What exactly is  Broken At Love? Well, It all started with an idealistic college senior who gets the rare chance to meet her celebrity crush, and then her life soon gets turned totally upside down.  It's Sex & The City, meets Clueless of sorts!

 "If you ever remember the feeling of going from sweet, happy, butterflies about your love crush, to suddenly turning radio love songs into death chants about them...then this shows for you! "💋

Yes, don't worry, we've all been there! Now that I have your attention, let's go one on one with Karolina and get the scoop on                                                                                                                   Broken At Love-



Get Hooked and Watch "Broken At Love" in the video below -



SET:  "What Are The Top 3 Reasons Why Everyone Should Watch Broken At Love?"

KS: "Number one is, It's real! 99 percent is based on my own life and the lives of my friends and family. Obviously, altered for writing purposes, but the heart of everything there, comes from real events, and a real place. (Chuckles) It's a Taylor Swift approach to webisodes; I like to say."

KS:  "2. The gorgeous people in it. The men and women are quite diverse and all very attractive. So that's definitely a plus!"

SET: " Yes, it was a plus for me!" (Laughing)

KS:  (chuckles) "3. At the end of the day, I want to make something that's relatable, (pauses thoughtfully)  that people can emotionally connect to. That makes you feel something. And I know the show does that quite successfully, (smiles playfully) we even tackle social media, texting, and drunk dials and calling. We've got all of the stuff that plagues finding love nowadays!"


" Drunk Dials, Sexting?.... Has she been spying on me and my friends???"😜


SET:  "What Was Your Favorite Aha moment while filming in NYC?"

KS:  "The whole thing was an aha moment! I Love NYC - I was so wound up with excitement;  I was going to bed at 4am some nights. The actors were so good that it just felt like a dream doing each of the scenes."

SET:  "How Are You Most and Least Like Your Character In the Show?"

KS:  "Vivienne "Vivie" Taylor is a dramatized version of myself. We absolutely share the same ideas and beliefs, (I am the writer after all). But, she has quite a few meltdowns (many at parties or other gatherings). It's become a favorite aspect of her for fans, and I love doing them. However, in real life, I keep it together and wouldn't have those moments in public.
They are just great tools to move the story forward. She's also a bit behind in her growth - a lot of the episodes so far released are based on my very early 20s. And I've grown a lot since those events. Funny thing,  in NYC I noticed that I do say a lot of the same little things in real life as I wrote for season 3. My new cast and crew had a hard time figuring out if I was rehearsing or just talking. ( laughs) I think there's a compliment in that somewhere!"

SET:  "One major difference between NY and LA?"

KS:  "Locations! NYC is very generous with their time and places."



SET:  "Why 'Broken At Love'?"

KS:  "A bad, bad breakup of sorts, many years ago started it all. "Broken At Love" was originally the title of a short film, (it's a tennis phrase) I wrote based on one event that happened between me and this person (which was later turned into episode 9). I felt that I needed to set up that story, and then many many episodes came about. It's a really therapeutic way to comprehend events that led to an abrupt ending. It really did work in healing me, and now I write from a different place...One still fueled by emotion...but I'm in a great space in my own life."

SET:  "Who were some of your celebrity musical guests and what role did they play?"

KS:  "As a non-singer, I feel extra fortunate to be surrounded by musically gifted people. That have incredible voices."
NYC-based musician Kiirstin Marilyn,  is a series regular supporting cast member as my newest best friend, one my character meets in New York. Really it's just an exaggerated version of herself. We heavily featured her music in season 2, so it's great to feature her new stuff and her in season 3.

1_DSC00510 (3)

Singer, Keaton Simons and the Cast of Broken At Love

Keaton Simons,

A singer/songwriter based out of Venice Beach joined us in NYC. He sings one of his newest songs too. He plays Noah, a Bad Boy type. He has a sleeve tattoo - I couldn't resist writing an edgier role. He and Vivie have some scenes together. Flirtation!


Singer & Actor , Constantine Maroulis and Karolina Sivas

Constantine Maroulis,

Two-time Broadway Tony nominee has a reoccurring role of Adam, Olivia (Vivienne's best friend), half brother. Constantine's probably my favorite new role, I wrote this season because it's based on stuff from as recent as December. And I took that and really fueled it into my writing. It really set the tone for the New York writing I did earlier this year. He and Vivienne develop an interesting, complex, relationship.

" I guess that's reason number 4 to watch Broken At Love... Constantine Maroulis = Serious Eye Candy!"




(from left to right) Pamela Bowen starring as Eva Taylor and Karolina Sivas as Vivian Taylor

SET:  "What Do You Love About NYC?"

KS:  "For some reason NYC instantly feels like home and I'm so comfortable here, even though my time in New York altogether hasn't been enough!"

SET:  "Who would be your fantasy guest star for an upcoming episode and what role would they play?"

KS:  "Can Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) as Carrie Bradshaw take Vivie out on the town?! I mean I think I would love any of those iconic female lead characters to cross over with me! Mindy Kaling is another one. I'd go that route."

" Yes, Please! OMG, I love SJP!!!"

SET:  "What is One quote or tagline that sums up the vibe of the show?"

KS:  "What happens when the man of your dreams becomes a reality, Be careful what you wish for..."

 True That Girl! I would like to give a huge thank you to Karolina Sivas and her fabulous cast of actors for being a part of SET! Most importantly don't forget to tune in and follow her at Broken At Love - The Series - on Facebook!

3_DSC00490 (5)

A very special thanks to one of my favorite Rock 'n' Roll bars of all time- American Trash- for being so freaking cool and allowing us to film. If you haven't been there yet, go! Best Rock Music and Staff Around!

(from right to left) Keaton Simons and SET at American Trash bar

(from right to left) Keaton Simons and SET at American Trash bar

Broken At Love- The Fabulous Cast

Karolina Sivas - Vivienne "Vivie" Taylor
Pamela Bowen - Ava Taylor (the mom)
Carly Reeves - Olivia (best friend/aspiring Broadway star)
Amber Smith - Audrey (best friend/law student)
Kiirstin Marilyn - Kiirstin (new friend/musician)

Guest Stars (Partial List)
Constantine Maroulis - Adam
Keaton Simons - Noah
Kaiser Johnson - Chase
Matthew Marcy - Luca
Austin Michael Young - Andy

Ben Reed - Dr. Eduardo Taylor (the dad)
Renee Suran - Hedy (the aunt)
Marcia Rodd - Grandma Lulu
Bill Lewis - Grandpa Haig

Susan Turner



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