Susan Elizabeth Turner, “SET”

Set In The City is New York city's little black book of secrets. It is the "go to" for the down low on the most interesting socialites, the most tantalizing restaurants, nightclubs, and bars; and best of all, where you should "set"tle into if you want access to it all. Did you ever wonder how Carrie Bradshaw happened to live in the best part of town, have the best friends, and always find the best places to spend her time? Wonder no more! Susan Elizabeth Turner, "SET" is a real-life Carrie Bradshaw and she is about to reveal all...


I am always doing things I can't do; that's how I get to do them. -Pablo Picasso said that first. I'm just here loving that and living it!

I am passionate about many things, NYC being at the top of the list. This blog is dedicated solely to anything and everything that makes NYC the most amazing and outrageous city in the world. We have an elite diversity of people, real estate, restaurants, shows and seductive underground scenes of every nature.  I'm just here to seduce you with some of my favorites.  I sell real estate here in NYC with Douglas Elliman and started in Real Estate over 10 years ago in South Florida and New Jersey. Nothing could be more exciting. I love my work. I love this city and I love helping others reach their dreams. This site is just a killer mix of all of my favorite things....stay along for the ride!